Law of Attraction Explained: How to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

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This blog post is going to explain how you can use the law of attraction to achieve anything you want in life. The law of attraction is incredibly powerful and underused. It can give you an unfair advantage over everybody else who doesn’t know how to use it.

You might already know what the law of attraction is. Or you might have heard of it before but don’t really know what it’s all about. No matter what your level of awareness of it is, here’s what you gotta know…

The law of attraction is a “law”. Just like the law of gravity, it’s working 24/7. You can’t turn it off. You can’t stop it.

You’re constantly attracting things into your life every single day, whether you know it or not.

I know that sounds crazy and kind of “woo woo”, but once you understand how to put the law of attraction on your side, it’s like playing through life with cheat codes.

Law of Attraction Explained

The law of attraction first got popular when the book, The Secret, came out. It was a HUGE best seller which sold millions of copies worldwide. The Secret basically introduced the world to the law of attraction and broke it down in an easy way that anyone could understand. It promised health, wealth, happiness and love if you knew how to use the law effectively.

Here’s a simple definition of the law of attraction:

Whatever you think about, you bring about into your life.

Tons of successful people have used it to accomplish their goals, achieve insane success, and dominate their life!

Here’s what you have to realize…

Your Thoughts Are Powerful!

Your thoughts have energy. You have the choice whether to send positive or negative energy behind each of your thoughts. It sounds crazy, but whatever you focus your attention on, you will end up attracting into your life.


It’s the reason why I’m such a big fan of really mastering your mindset. In my opinion, once you have your mindset on lock you can accomplish almost anything.

Here’s a quote by Henry Ford which sums up the law of attraction perfectly:

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re usually right.

Read that again.

When you truly understand that quote, you will start to live your life a whole lot differently. You will try not to focus on negative things as much. You will try to only surround yourself with positive people and influences. You will try to do more positive things that bring in more positive thoughts.

But Edwin, the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Me 🙁

There are a lot of people who use the law of attraction and don’t get any results from it. It’s funny how they start furiously typing on forums and shouting to all of their friends how this law is one huge scam. (The ironic thing about this is, all their negative thoughts are just going to attract negative things in their life…)

Besides that, there’s a reason why the law of attraction might not work for you. There was one thing I did not like about the book, The Secret. I felt they did not put enough emphasis on actually TAKING ACTION towards your goals.

They put so much attention on the “thinking” and “believing” parts of the law and completely ignored the action side of it. Without taking action, nothing will get done. It’s that simple.

Here’s how you can make the law of attraction work for you:

  1. Think about what you want
  2. Believe you can receive it
  3. Visualize being in possession of it
  4. Take the necessary steps and actions to get it

You can’t sit around all day and expect money to fly from the sky. You can’t sit around all day and think a record deal is going to fall in your lap. You can’t sit around all day and think that a promotion is just going to be handed over to you.

You have to go out and take the necessary steps to get shit done.

You think Bill Gates sat around all day dreaming about the PC and how one day it was going to be used by millions of people? Nope! He went out, wrote some code, built some stuff, glued some other stuff together, and made the first personal computer.

Do you think your favorite artist or musician sat around all day waiting for a record deal to fall into their lap? Nope! They were grinding, hustling, and doing whatever they could to achieve that goal.

The reality is, you cannot achieve anything worthwhile in life by sitting around all day twiddling your thumbs. Eventually, you’re going to have to get off your ass and get it done.

There you have it 🙂

Hopefully you now have a better of the law of attraction and how to use it successfully. It will take some time in the beginning to get used to “monitoring your thoughts”, and “visualizing your goals”, and all that fun stuff. But once you get in the rhythm of it, it’ll all become autopilot for you.

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