How to Set Goals and Achieve Them – 3 PROVEN Ways to CRUSH Your Goals

In this blog post, lets talk about how to set goals and achieve them.

There’s a science behind setting goals. A LOT of people get this wrong. Setting goals might seem like common sense, but common sense isn’t always so common.

There are a ton of friends and family I know that don’t set any goals. The way they approach it is, if they want to do something they tell themselves, “Oh, it’d be cool to do that.” But they don’t have a clear, focused approach to getting to that final destination.

When you create goals, you’re more likely to accomplish what you want to do. Your brain focuses on that and puts more attention towards that.

Even though creating goals are easy, a LOT of people don’t know how to create a proper goal. There are some common mistakes people make which could set you up for failure from the start.

This blog post will help you avoid all that 🙂

Let’s start:

#1 – Write Down Your Goals

Go grab a piece of paper, a pen, and write down your goals. There have been scientific tests which have found you’re 30-40% more likely to complete your goals when you write them down.

This step only takes a couple of minutes to do.

#2 – Make Your Goals Specific

Make sure your goals are SPECIFIC, and not general.

Instead of making your goal, “I want to lose weight,” make it more specific like, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” or “I want to lose 8% body fat,” or “I want to go down three dress sizes.”

how to set goals

The more specific, the more powerful your goals are.

#3 – Put a Deadline on Your Goals

You want to put a deadline or final date to when you want your goal completed by.

It’s simple, humans are lazy. I remember back in middle school whenever I had a paper due, I wasn’t doing it the first day. I was waiting until the last week, sometimes even the day before, to start the paper. But, I got the paper done. That’s the power of a deadline.

It’s the same thing with your goals. You’re not going to get your goals done in time if you keep prolonging them. When you give yourself a final date to get your goals done by, you’re more likely to get them done. You’ll be more motivated because you set that fire under your ass to get them done.

That’s it.

When it comes to creating goals, those are the 3 things you have to focus on. You should now have a good grasp on how to set goals and achieve them. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you leave a comment below.


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